Ядро консорциума «Альфа Групп», компания А-1 основана в 1989 году. Среди ее громких инвестиционных проектов — «Альфа-Банк», TNK-BP, «Билайн», «Мегафон»… здесь не хватит места для простого перечисления всех объектов ее инвестиций.

Мы провели ребрендинг А-1.

a-1 investments company rebranding

A-1 investments is a core business for the Alpha Group consortium. It was founded in 1989 and gave rise to such outstanding companies as Alpha Bank, TNK BP, Beeline and Megafon. A-1 has for long time been a kickstarter to hundreds of businesses so we don't have enough space simply to note all of them here and now. Our part — and a very sophisticated one — was to rebrand those who themselves gave birth to numerous international brands.

A1 notebook cover design patterns

A1 paper bag design patterns

A1 cup design rebranding

A1 investment company rebranding glasses design