Energy Consulting

Для группы команий Energy Consulting мы сделали красивые печатные материалы. Получилось сочно и полезно.

Energy Consulting booklet

The client was a local consulting group looking for a fresh marketing images to be used in corporate brochures as well as in the web. The imagery tradition in this area is very often about office stereotypes like busy clerks running with briefcases or big bosses in expensive jackets shaking hands… and so on. We offered something unexpected — fruites and lively colors. It might have been linked to fruitful cooperation or fresh business approaches although we have never thought of that.

After the brochures had been printed they were drawing attention anywhere they were showing up. Definitely those fruits helped the client to stand out.

В работе ярко раскрыта тема плодотворного сотрудничества.

Energy Consulting brochure

Разветвленные услуги компании опираются на мощные ресурсы — образ вырос и раскинулся на целый разворот.

Energy Consulting promotion materials

Energy Consulting PR

Труд, знания и опыт Энерджи Консалтинг приносят долгожданные плоды.

Energy Consulting advertising

Energy Cosulting Group booklet